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A healthy body holds a Healthy Soul & mind!

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A healthy outside starts from the inside

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He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything

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Who Are We?

"The Health Promotion Resource Centre is the information dissemination arm of the Ministry of Health. The Centre was established as a discrete programme within the Ministry of Health from 1999."


Our Goal

To promote health and wellness among individuals, families and communities enabling them to address all the determinants of health to reduce health risks.

Our Mission

To empower individuals, communities and the nation to assume responsibility for the improvement of their own health status.

Our Vision

Healthy Choices, Healthy People, Healthy Communities.


The responsibilies of the unit are best defined through the unit's Terms of Reference:

  • Assess local health needs
  • Contribute to operational and strategic plans
  • Review programmes to ensure that they seek to promote health
  • Define health promotion and disease prevention strategies to be included in the national socio-economic development process
  • Promote healthy living though advocacy for healthy public policy, public education and healthy community projects to create supportive environments
  • Manage Health Education programmes on specific issues such as HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, Chronic Non Communicable and Communicable Disease and other health related issues
  • Provide training, support and counseling to all Health Care Providers and agencies who provide Health Promotion and Family Life Education programmes

Key Officials

Mrs. Mignan Rolle-Shillingford
Hon. Dr. Irving McIntyre


The Centre is a catalyst to provide or facilitate the performance of the following functions:

  • Define health promotion and disease prevention strategies to be included as a critical aspect of the national socio-economic development process.
  • Provide advice on the health impact of national socio-economic development projects.
  • Assist in the formulation of national policies and programmes to promote and ensure healthy environments.

Program Areas of the Center

  • Non Communicable Disease programme to include the Anti-Tobacco Programme
  • Healthy Community Programme
  • Health Promoting School Programme
  • Nutrition
  • Health and Social Communication
  • Health Education through audio/visual materials – development, procurement and distribution
  • Training

Office Address

4th Floor
Government Headquarters

Phone Number

(767) 266 3469/3470

Fax Number

(767) 448 6086

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Our Team

Junior Clerk/Secretary
Audio Visual Technician
Health Educator (Acting)
Health Educator


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