Coordinator Health Promotion (Acting) - Anthelia A. James

Anthelia A. James

Coordinator Health Promotion

Job Responsibilities

The Health Promotion Coordinator manages the operations of the department and performs administrative functions to ensure that the activities of the department are delivered efficiently and effectively. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Planning and coordinating the implementation of Health Promotion programmes to facilitate the implementation of Health Promotion Strategy
  • Promoting the adoption of Health Promotion Strategies nationally to assist in the integration of health issues into all sectors of society
  • Conducting activities aimed at strengthening the Health Promotion capacity of the Ministry of Health to enable positive lifestyle changes in communities and
  • Managing the department to ensure continued technical support to health promotion programmes.

Educational Training/Professional Career

Anthelia James joined the Health Promotion department in 2005 as a Health Educator. She has been working in the field of health for the pass thirty four years (34 years).She first worked as a Dental Assistant and Dental Therapist before becoming a Health Educator. James pursued Diploma studies in Dental Nursing, Post Graduate Studies in Community Health/Health Promotion and Health Education from the University of the West Indies and is presently pursing a Masters Degree in Public Health with the University of Liverpool, England. She is presently acting as National Coordinator of Health Promotion, a position she has held on numerous occasions.